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2 Stages, 12 Steps, 300 Words
Join the 10,000+ business professionals around the world who have used one of the top-selling planning tools to create and execute their strategies.

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Over the last 14 years, our proven methodology has been used to create tens of thousands of strategic plans in under 60 minutes.
Simple, Quick, and It Works.

Plan Development: Collaborate and Create

Using a unique visual format, the 60 Minute Strategic Plan advances you, step by step, collecting and connecting information, building comprehension and creating insight. You end up with a completed game plan for any strategic issue.

Plan Execution: Track and Monitor

Once you’ve identified your strategic initiatives you can assign owners, tasks and due dates, communicate with your staff, and monitor your plan’s progress—all through an easy-to-use planning panel.

Users of the 60 Minute Strategic Plan have rated it 90 to 100% for usefulness and 100% recommend it to others.

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“It’s as if we had been walking around in the dark and suddenly someone turned on the lights. This is the first process I have been able to implement in my organization succintly and successfully with little effort the first time.”

- Timothy J. Leach, President/CEO, FP Technologies, Inc.
“For over 48 years, we have employed and evaluated literally thousands of resources. The 60 Minute Strategic Plan scores in the top one-half percent when it comes to repeatedly delivering value and impacting the lives of our members. That’s an amazingly consistent accomplishment.”

- Richard Carr, Vistage International, an international organization of 12,000 CEOs.

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